Tanya Calamoneri, PhD, is a dancer, choreographer, and dance cultural studies scholar. Her research focuses on somatics and butoh dance, a post-WWII Japanese performance form that uses imagery as its impetus and methodology for creating environment, state, and movement. She also writes about issues concerning the migration of forms across cultural boundaries in a globalized world. She is an Assistant Professor of Dance at The Ohio State University.

Her research is published in Routledge's Theatre, Dance and Performance Training Journal, Dance Chronicle, Journal of Dance Education and a chapter in the Routledge Butoh Companion as well as a chapter in the Routledge Intercultural Actor and Performer Training. She recently published a book on butoh in the United States and Mexico, titled Butoh America.


Her New York-based company, Company SoGoNo, was funded by NYSCA, NYFA, AMC Live Music for Dance, and recognized by New York Innovative Theatre Awards. Previously she worked as an arts administrator; in San Francisco, she was Executive Director of Dancers' Group, and in New York, Co-Executive Director of The Field, and at Brooklyn Academy of Music as Project Manager of the State Department's cultural diplomacy program, DanceMotion USA.